My Tarot Reflection

Over the years of my tarot study I have read many times that tarot is a mirror of our own individual hopes, fears and dreams.

It has taken me quite a few years to fully appreciate what this is saying and I do believe it to be true.

When using tarot, we are connecting to our vibrational energy that is reflecting straight back at us where we are sitting within our own frequency (this is why the law of attraction and tarot are so intrinsically linked).

During my tarot workshops I do encourage my new tarot readers to choose a daily tarot card for guidance on each day.

I also tell them to air on the side of caution when doing a more detailed reading on themselves.

I truly believe that when reading for ourselves, we are reading a mirror of how we are actually feeling in that very moment.

This can cause some issues, it can be subjective, misleading and filled with emotional bias.

I want to give you an example.

Shelia has noticed that her boyfriend has gone a little quiet and distant over the past few weeks. It’s a relatively new relationship and his small but noticeable shift in energy has triggered something in her. Sheila’s last partner behaved this way when he was loosing interest in the relationship . Suddenly Shelia has some deep rooted concerns and fears beginning to bubble to the surface.

Sheila decides to ask the tarot some questions.

She asks what is wrong with her boyfriend , at the same time praying that he isn’t going to leave her and this tarot spread isn’t going to be bad.

She pulls the King Of Swords, The Seven of Swords and the Ten of Wands.

In an instant, her heart begins to race and her hands feel sweaty. Shelia reads the cards based on her own vibrational fears and competitive bias. She sees a man pulling away emotionally, that he is keeping secrets and that he is tired of her.

The seven of swords is the most worrying card of all so she places three new cards on top to gain clarity.

She pulls the Queen of Cups, the two of pentacles and the Lovers.

Fear consumes Shelia as she realises that her boyfriend is lying about a woman, juggling a double life and making choices about who he wants to be with.

Sheila’s worst fears have just been realised from the tarot, because she is looking into a mirror of how she “feels”.

There is a huge gaping hole and problem with her reading that Shelia isn’t even aware of. She has seen what she fears because her vibrational frequency is so strong in that moment.

Had Shelia of gone to a Professional tarot reader, the reading would have gone (with the same cards) like this;

“You partner is very much in his mind at the moment and carrying lots of burdens, looks like work related stress. He isn’t sharing these problems because he loves you so much, he is balancing his commitments himself whilst making sure you are ok. You have a good man there, just look out for him over the coming weeks”.

The reason why the professional reader has seen different energy is because they look at the reading objectively and as non-bias to Sheila’s deepest fears.

The professional reader may dig a little deeper into Sheila’s concerns and after shuffling again, she pulls the Moon and eight of swords and the devil. In an instant the reader can see that Shelia has real anxiety about her partner which is unfounded. If Shelia pulled those same cards alone, she may have seen a cheating partner.

If you think about it, when you look in a mirror, you normally notice flaws and aspects of your reflection that you do not like. A stranger may look at your reflection and read a completely different story.

So, remember to be cautious in your own card readings and that when readings are connected to strong emotional feelings (as opposed to hard facts) – you are probably reading a mirror of your own insecurities and fears.

The same goes for when you are feeling upbeat. Your tarot cards will reflect your optimism and your potential based on the law of attraction. This is why we can change our own reality based on our thoughts and feelings. The tarot just mirrors our own personal power.

It would of been much more productive for Shelia to of asked for guidance from her cards, as opposed to trying to pull out her own anxieties and fears.

My advice is always go to a professional reader when in doubt, it is the most accurate and successful way for clarity in any given situation.

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