The Feeling Of Creation

Sometimes, the most intriguing place is being in-between two worlds, this one and the one that one day we will all go to once we leave this physical reality.

I don’t always get the chance to go there, but when I do, it is normally between being asleep and awake, during a lucid dream or when having a Reiki treatment/in meditation.

I get the most insight just before I fall asleep.  It’s like a new energy slips in and the feeling of knowing that I am being shown something is as real to me as being alive.  This happened just last week.  As I lay, drifting off into a comfortable slumber, I could see through the gap of dimensions and was shown the beauty of the other side.  I get the most profound feelings when I look at views on that side.  It is different to being here, when I’m here the feelings are dampened down, they only scratch the surface of what can truly be felt once we leave Earth. 

When we are here and we look out over a beautiful landscape, or the view of the ocean on a breezy spring day, it often makes us feel calm and at peace.  The same thing happens on the other side but it is ramped up to not only a feeling but a “knowing”.  We don’t just see the ocean and attach a feeling to it, we ARE the ocean and can tap into many more layers of existence then the 3D effect we have here.

So, when I had a little glimpse the other night, it gave me the chance to see what creation means on the other side.  I know it was my guide answering an earlier question (in waking time) when I was staring out of the window, wondering what life is like once you are “physically” dead (standard afternoon daydream!).

He was able to show me during my vision.  I’ve always understood that creation is pretty much the point of everything.  As humans in a physical existence where survival is the most pressing issue, we have no choice but to create to not only stay alive, but for enjoyment purposes too.  Every single thing in our physical reality has been created by either the source or by us, and as we are part of the source, everything we can see and touch has come from a single point of creation.

When my guide showed me the other side, I was able to “feel’ what creation is.  At this point, I wish I had a brain big enough to put it into words, but as with all things on the other side, articulating via a human language can be a challenge.  I shall try below;

The feeling when we are there is as if we are plugged into one gigantic energy source, like a giant spark plug.  There is a buzz that runs through our energetic body and we are able to acutely feel all these ideas, concepts and philosophies within a very comfortable state of “knowing”.  The possibilities are endless because our energy is now infinite so it can keep moving and shaping as much as it (or you) want it too. 

There are no human worries to pull you down, no fretting about money or food or heavy human problems that we must deal with.  There is just light, and opportunity and the ability to feed your soul with whatever you want to do.  The peace that it brings is indescribable. 

I felt so comforted after my vision, as it is another indication that life on the other side is awesome!  I am sure that there is still much growth to do, but we have space and more time than we could ever imagine putting that growth into practice, starting with creation.

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