Your Four Queens

Your Four Queens

When you become an advanced tarot reader, you understand that sometimes the strongest message is from the cards that have not been placed down within your spread. 

The cards that are missing are what I like to call “a message in the message”.

I notice this a lot with Queens, especially if I am reading for someone who has yet to step into their own power. 

The Queens in our tarot court deck are there to not only nurture different aspects of ourselves, but for us to embody those very qualities.  The tarot suits are made up from the four pillars of our physical world, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  Each Queen therefore gives us an insight into what we could strive for and what we need to do to balance those four life areas.

I’m trying to embody each Queen into my own personal life.  It is not always easy.  If we spend too long in one suit aspect, we find that others may come out of equilibrium.  So, the key I believe is to get familiar with each and heal each of those four Queens when she needs it, to strike that balance that is so crucially needed for us to feel at peace in our lives.

To help you step into your Queen energy, I have explained below the best ways that I feel you can do this.  You will be surprised at how by embracing these qualities yourself will change your energetic blueprint, in turn raising your vibration and opening up a whole other realm of possibilities for you.

Air; The Queen Of Swords; Nurturing our Mental Health

This is the Queen of logic, reasoning, and brutal honesty.  To nurture this aspect of ourselves, we must be honest with how we feel and recognise when our mental health may need some care and attention.  How are our personal boundaries?  Are things, people or situations dragging us down and into a negative pattern of thinking?

By embracing our Queen of swords, we are stepping into a logical way of thinking, removing any emotional pulls that may jade our decision making.  We need to recognise when we should switch into this mode and use our analytical skills wisely. 

Here are some affirmations that may help you step into your Queen of Swords energy;

  • I can make calm, sound and reasonable decisions for my life
  • I have clarity of mind in any given situation
  • I will say no without feeling any guilt
  • I will respect my personal boundaries  
  • If I need time to think before I answer, I shall give myself that grace
  • Honesty does not have to be costly
  • I have integrity, always

Earth; The Queen Of Pentacles; Nurturing our Physical Wellbeing

This is the Queen of self-care, resourcefulness, and healing.  To nurture this aspect of ourselves, we must ensure our cup is filled before we can help anyone else.  This is true with every physical aspect of our being, from our own bodily health to the money we can earn to live a life of choice and freedom.  Self-care falls under this Queen to ensure she is strong enough to have her own independence, as well as being humble enough to be able to receive help if offered.

Here are some affirmations that may help you step into your Queen of Pentacles energy;

  • I will honour my body with good food, water and plenty of rest
  • I will work hard to build a strong, healthy, and fit physical body
  • I will embrace the natural world around me to help with my mental health
  • I will work hard to bring in an income (if I am physically and mentally able) to support myself and others
  • I will honour the healer that I am and understand that even if I do not bring in an income, that my home-work is recognised as important with the contribution that I bring to myself and those around me
  • I am nurturing, kind and know that I have everything I need in pure abundance

Fire; The Queen Of Wands; Nurturing our Passions & Spiritual Growth

This is the Queen of purpose, confidence, and leadership.  She steps into her own unique power and leads by example, inspiring and motivating whoever she touches.  When we are in our Queen Of Wands energy we can move mountains, run marathons and start a business from a penny and a dream.  Once we step into her power, we are a true force to be reckoned with.

Here are some affirmations that may help you step into your Queen of Wands energy;

  • I will listen to the burning voice inside me to start something amazing
  • I will honour myself by showing up daily to help steer my life in the direction that makes me feel most fulfilled, happy and abundant
  • I am worthy
  • I am enough
  • I am unique
  • I am my own best friend
  • I deserve to be happy

 Water; The Queen Of Cups; Nurturing self-love and love for all others

This is the Queen of love, fulfilment and selflessness.  She is Queen of family, friends, house, home, beauty and inner sparkle.  When we are in this Queens energy we give service to those that need us, providing charity unconditionally as this makes us feel incredibly fulfilled but at the same time remembering that we cannot pour from an empty cup.  This Queen loves herself purely and will make sure all her needs are met so she can be the light that someone else may need in their time of darkness.

Here are some affirmations that may help you step into your Queen of Cups energy;

  • I give myself permission to love myself without conditions
  • I love myself unconditionally
  • I will not place judgements on myself or others
  • I honour my empathetic side, the side that allows me to show my emotions and communicate how I feel
  • It is ok to cry
  • It is ok to heal
  • It is ok to feel happy
  • I deserve happiness
  • Nothing is going to go wrong

By embracing each Queen at different points of your life (and even different points of your day!) will help you live in the moment, connect back to your authentic self and feel more at ease with your state of mind.

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