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The Life & Soul

Not many people understand how much a medium must study and develop to become better at their practice.  There are a lot more mechanics to mediumship than people realise, it is a lot more than simply sitting to receive information from loved ones in spirit.

As a psychic medium, I have different teachers to fulfil all my developmental needs.  I have a professional tarot and business mentor and I also have an online learning group with a UK medium which I have recently joined.  This group is purely for developing my own mediumship skills.

One thing to note is that this learning group is purely via Zoom, it is mostly people from the UK but there is also a lady from the USA that gets up mega early to attend and a lady from Scotland.

Another common misconception is that a mediumship reading will not be as good if it is performed via Zoom.  Try as I might to explain to people that energy can be at any place at any time and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world to receive an energy link, some people still can’t seem to wrap their mind around it.

My following example of what happened on Saturday is a great one to prove that it doesn’t matter if a reading is done online, it can still be incredible.

I read for two people on the morning.  The first one wasn’t great.  The man in spirit was a difficult person to talk to, his personality has not changed (our personality does not alter after death) so it was like pulling teeth to converse with him.  The evidence was not coming thick and fast as I had hoped.

So, just before my second session, I put the intent out there to connect with a much easier spirit!

In the few seconds that I said hello to the lovely Scottish lady who would be my sitter, I became aware of her friend, a colleague, around her energy in the spirit world.  This lady was what I would describe as larger than life.  She was quite a curvaceous shape and she owned it with confidence!  Because she was so vivacious, she made this reading so much easier and pleasurable for me!  Here is what she showed me (key points), and my sitters feedback;

She died young (before 50) of cancer and needed some form of crutch to walk toward the end of her life

She did die of cancer and needed a stick to walk toward the end

She was a larger lady and owned it well, she was the life and soul of the party

Yes, she was a bigger lady who wore miniskirts and had so much confidence, everyone loved her!

She sat in a different department to my sitter, my sitter would need to walk outside her office and along the corridor to go and talk to the lady who is now is spirit.

This is correct

My sitter and this lady were friends but not close, however my sitter generally misses her energy, as does everyone.  She had a huge turnout for her funeral.

Exactly right

The lady in spirit was drawing my attention to a son.  Then she told me that not everyone could attend her funeral, and some had to watch via Zoom.

All correct, the lady’s son was in New Zealand so could not attend, he had to watch on video link.

There is one lady in the department who the lady in spirit was particular good friends with and can my sitter pass on a message of good wishes and love from the lady in spirit?

Yes, this lady is called Mary and she will certainly pass on her love

Throughout the reading, the lady kept saying “a name beginning with S” and then said “Susan”.

The lady in spirit was called Sue

I won’t lie, I was buzzing after this reading.  I call these readings one in ten, because they don’t come around that often (currently).  My other mediumship readings are great but this one was in my eyes perfect, because lovley Sue allowed me to link directly with her gorgeous positive energy and let her friend know that she is absolutely still around and absolutely ok.

So here is the rub, if you are the sort of person that loves to chat, uplift and have a giggle in this life, you won’t be changing any time soon in the afterlife and the good news is that you will be able to give your human family a pretty good chance of connecting with you!

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To Calm An Anxious Mind

Last week started off with such promise for me.  For the first time in a long time, I felt truly content.  I knew it was because I had been working very hard the days prior to bring myself back to balance, physically with the food I was eating, mentally with my mindful practice and spiritually with my work. 

It did not take long until this feeling evaporated.  My usual avoidance of the news came to an abrupt halt with the Ukraine and Russian conflict.  For the first time in my life, I understood that our World and life as we know it could be in serious jeopardy. 

Sitting at the dinner table, listening to my husband talk about his day, or my little girl getting excited about her pet Gecko, or just the feeling of having a hot meal in front of me, in a safe and sheltered house made me feel acutely grateful.  I have practiced gratitude before but never in the depths of that simply yet poignant moment of complete and utter normality.

Anxious thoughts followed.  Almost on autopilot I googled “Nuclear Warfare” and allowed myself to view a map of Great Britain and that where I sat, in my dining room, would certainly feel the effects of an atomic bomb if it hits London. 

Third degree burns apparently, 30 miles away from the epicentre.  Would we feel it?  Would everything just go black?  Twenty minutes, that is how long it takes for a missile to leave Russia and reach London.  I sat imagining the desperate phone calls to those we love, those final minutes ticking away, huddled together in the corner and just…waiting in fear. 

Then I turned off my phone and brought myself back to my centre.

Would I let these terrorising thoughts consume me?  Would I join the evil that is forcing this upon us by feeling into the fear?  Absolutely bloody not.

I knew I was catastrophising this on an epic scale.  I knew I needed to rationalise my thoughts.

In that moment, I realised something profound.  The reason why it is my mission to bring myself back to centre is so I am strong enough to walk through the rockiest of paths.  If I anchor myself back to where I am safe, the World can throw what it likes my way, and I can weather the storm.

But what does coming back to centre mean and how do you do that when you feel anxious, afraid and like all hope is lost?

It is to remember that hope is not lost.  Hope is love after all.  Because without hope, we have lost trust in love. 


Love is the all-powerful energetic force that connects us all.  The vibration is so fast, so high, so strong that when joined in force it can make amazing things happen.  It is imperative that during these dark times we stay connected through love. 

People sometimes believe that evil does not receive the karma it deserves but if I can say one thing with conviction, it is that it does. 

I have only been around for forty-one years.  But in that time, I have observed something, and having a job where I connect with other people’s energy so deeply has allowed me even more insight.  Cause and effect are as real as energy is. 

If a person has intent which is fuelled by evil, greed, conflict and the very depths of the lowest vibration, that person will receive back to them the same feelings, situations, objects, people and things that is on their frequency.  It may happen instantaneously, or it could take years, but believe me, it comes back.

The same works the other way around.  Trust that if you do everything from a place of love, your outside world will begin to mirror your vibration.

No one loves you as much as you love yourself.  Coming back to centre means listening to the little voice inside your head.  It means trusting that the voice will never leave you, will be with you in this life and the next.  Your voice is your energy, and your energy cannot die. 

Turn Off The News

Is it ignorant in these times of hardship to appear to be turning the other cheek?  Are you really?  I don’t think you are.  You can be reliably informed of the bigger developments.  But the day to day reading of dreadful reports, scaremongering, and thoughtless comments from negative people around the world will not help with your state of mind today.

 The Moment Is Now

I cannot emphasis this enough.  The moment is now – right this second.  If you centre yourself and look around you, feel, touch, hear and smell, you will understand that you are in no immediate danger.  And if danger did arrive at your door?  You would deal with it in that moment.  Everything is temporary, and things pass.  Live in this moment and it will alleviate your fears in an instant.

Every day we meet people with different motivations and agendas depending on who they are, how they were raised and what vibration they sit on.  Putin, like Hitler is a black hole of darkness.  But without this darkness, how would we even see or know the light is there? 

The light is there, it is every man, woman and child who believe in peace, love and purpose.  We can do our bit by spreading our light.  We can smile at strangers, we can help people more, we can develop less anger, more patience and we cannot lose hope.  Because hope is love, afterall.

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Connecting To Guidance

We are told so much about spirit guides and who they might be and how we might connect to them.  It can become confusing at times, some people can see a Native American Indian or can feel a Tibetan Monk around them, others struggle and are worried they don’t have a guide.  I can assure you that each and every human being has a spirit guide/s around them.

I believe the reason why we see our guides in a particular way (if we are lucky enough too!) is because we put an image to them that our imagination feels comfortable with.  The spirit guide is essentially an energy, not a material construct, so it can be anything we want it to be.

When we pass on into the spirit world, it is a place made from mental energy, so our spirit can move and shape into whatever it feels like.

My take on it is that your spirit guide is such a part of you that it IS you, even though we like to think of the guide as a being outside of ourselves.

The only reason why I call my spirit guide Blue is because I saw him in my dreams, a familiar yet strange man, with blue robes, Asian features, and a bald head.  He just kept popping up and smiling at me and I would wonder for days who he was.  Then I went to a medium who said to me “Your guide has appeared in your dreams, you have seen him, am I correct?”.  It was then that the penny dropped who he was.

I’ve also had another medium say that she can see a blue energy standing next to me, that is him, with his healing blue light (which I often see before I begin a reading).

I decided to start talking to him via meditation.  He was already pretty good at dropping me signs when I asked for some guidance (normally in the form of songs, passing conversations, written signs, opportunities or just a change in my thought process).  However, I wanted some proper dialog with him.

I began to ask him questions just before I fell asleep, the first one I ever did was a day or so before I opened my home Reiki and Tarot reading room.  I asked him if it would be a success working from home.  I saw the words in my mind say “Yes, but your neighbours are going to be noisy”. 

I wasn’t sure what this meant, however that same week that I had new clients booked for a nice relaxing treatment, my neighbours had major DIY work completed with brand new windows.  It was so loud I had to cancel some clients for the rest of the week!

Not only would I see the words in my mind, sometimes he could show me pictures to help with communication.  For example, often frustrated with my ability to hold a spirit link when doing mediumship, I asked him how I could overcome this.  He showed me a dolphin.  I had no idea what this meant until I looked up the spiritual meaning.  “To navigate one’s emotions” is what it means, which makes complete sense to me as I feel so much pressure and expectation when doing mediumship that I need to control how I feel whilst in the moment.

Last week I decided to give a little test to Blue.  I know he is there, and we communicate, but sometimes I need even more verification (we are never satisfied, are we?).  Just before I fell asleep as I lay in bed, I asked him to predict something that would happen tomorrow that I would have absolutely no way of knowing. 

Suddenly in my mind’s eye, I saw the words SONIC BOOM like on a newspaper headline.  I knew that sonic booms are very rare, perhaps one or two a year and no one knows when one will ever happen as they are generally not a planned thing.  I decided to wait and see what would happen.

The next day, I got on with things, pretty much forgetting about last night’s prediction.

It wasn’t until I was back in bed at the end of the day and having some herbal tea, scrolling through Facebook that I saw a news headline of a Sonic Boom that had happened over Liverpool earlier that day. 

The hairs stood up on my arms.  He gave me a pretty accurate and clear prediction of something that would happen, proving to me that he is there, we are communicating, and I can ask him anything and he will tell me the answers but only if it benefits me within this moment.

It is important to note that a spirit guide will teach and guide us, they do not live our life for us, that is for us to do, using our own freewill and decisions.

Sometimes he will not give me an answer.  Other times he is happy to communicate with me.

I am lucky in that I see clairvoyantly so I can decipher the messages Blue gives me with relative ease and appreciate that not everyone is able to do this. 

So, I would suggest to you to start with asking for guidance in different ways.  For example, if you have a big decision to make and don’t know which way to turn, ask for guidance.  Over the coming hours, days and weeks, pay attention.

What do you hear?  What are you drawn too? What do you notice?  Who contacts you that may be able to help?  What does everything seem to point too?  What is your gut telling you?  How does going one way make you feel, and going the other?  If both ways make you feel uneasy, is it time to not step forward at this point or think on it some more?

Also pay attention to your dreams, as this is the perfect way to seek guidance to any Earth problems you may have.

Until next time,


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Persecution Of The Pagan

For so long now I have wanted to write this blog but put it off, ironically not wanting to offend anyone in its making.

But that very fact that I don’t want to offend anyone speaks volumes.  As it seems, I can offend a sector of society quite easily without even writing words.

This is a small group of people that are mostly attached to the Christian faith.  I want to make it clear with a huge disclaimer in this blog, I am not talking about the majority of wonderful Christians I know, some of which are so open and accepting of my own religion that some of my experiences have shocked and saddened them also.

I am talking about the extremist ones who spend most of their days living in rigid rules of their organised religion, where fear is the overriding force and pretty much dominates their daily activities.

Anything to do with paganism, wicca, healing, spirituality, divination, energy work….they believe comes from the Devil himself.  They believe this with such ferocity that they cannot gain any perspective from the madness of their allegations. 

One of the worst things to happen to the spiritual community was when Doreen Virtue did a 360 on her belief system and systematically confused and divided thousands of her followers.

Doreen was a mainstream “New Ager” (as she calls it – I won’t lie, those words make me cringe).  She made herself rich by producing and selling oracle cards, writing books on angels, and creating an impressive online following.

Overnight, she declared what she was doing was wrong and work from the Devil, she decided from now on she would be working with Jesus and that anything outside of His rules would be sinful.

As you can imagine, all her devoted fans did not know which way to turn.

The worst hit was the mentally vulnerable.  The ones who suffer extreme anxiety, low confidence, and self-esteem issues.  They had found a place with healing, crystals, and angels.  Now, they were told it was wrong, shameful, and evil to enjoy such things.  These mentally vulnerable people were desperate to seek help and assurance.  So, they did what they felt was the right thing and followed Doreen.

Now, I don’t have a problem that many of her supporters followed her.  I have no problem with any other religion, I never have, I never will.  But the issue I have was the extremism that followed her departure from the spiritualist world.

Some of her supporters now find themselves being attracted to some formal religious followings.  The ones that teach fear over freedom.  They suddenly felt it necessary to warn other people that perhaps practicing Reiki healing or enjoying collecting crystals for energy work was in fact that person being tricked by the devil and that there are no such things as spirit guides, these are demons working on behalf of Satan.

The church gripped its hands around these people and firmly began to hold them within lower vibrational frequencies so that fear became the language they recognised.  Rules and regulations followed, perhaps some big life changes like removing children from mainstream school to ensure they didn’t read Harry Potter or mix with other children of “influence”.  Once open and intriguing minds now gradually closed off, declaring that anyone that does not follow the rules, is on a one-way ticket to hell.  That includes all members of the LGBTQ community and Pagans (especially Pagans!!).

This isn’t just my thought process by the way – I have experienced so much of this.

Like in the film “Practical Magic” my daughter gets called a witch at school.  She got called this from the same child that told her that all gay people will burn in hell and so will she.  This child also expelled extreme racism from his mouth, regurgitating what he had heard the night before from his dad.  I told her to ignore this child’s ignorance.  Yet when my little girl had a glasses case that had a picture of a black cat on with a small gold pentagon in the corner, she was cast aside by her teacher.

“Do you see this symbol at home?” she asked, pointing to the picture on the case.  Confused, my daughter said yes, she has seen that symbol.  “You are going to have to keep the case in your bag, as it offends his religion” said teacher, pointing to the homophobic racist child standing to her left.

In this small yet powerful exchange, has pretty much summed up my experience of these people.  Double standards, judgement, and fear. 

The irony is that I was told that I live in the darkness because of my faith and practice.  Yet, I have light in my life daily.  I have a beautiful circle of friends who lift me up and support my gifts, as I support theirs.  We go to each other with ailments, and one may recommend a herbal remedy for that. 

We follow the moon and set intentions of love and healing as we sit beneath her.  We visit the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury to support the sacred feminine, (She who has been oppressed for many years). 

We work within our community, providing workshops for kids with anxiety and a safe place to go for mentally vulnerable adults. 

We heal each other using energy work and connection back to the Universe.  We celebrate the Sun, Seasons and change in weather.

We connect as one yet identify freely with who we are.  We have no fixed rules, we live by our intuition and own moral compass.

We are open to every faith, creed, colour, religion, and race.

We do not cast spells, hex or curse. 

We grow, love, accept, nurture and trust in Mother Nature.  We are humanists, scientists and spiritualists all rolled into one.

We are everything opposite from what they say we are.

We live in the light, whilst their fear keeps them in the dark. 

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When Therapy & Reiki Meet

 I’m blessed to have many friends that are therapists.  It means that we can exchange our skills like a gift to one another, each offering our own unique talent to help one another out, when feeling low or going through physical pain.

My good friend and neighbour Suzanne is a talented Reflexologist & Reiki Practitioner, who luckily for me lives just across the road.

I blogged about Suzanne at the beginning of February 2020, after she gave me Reiki and I received a strong vision that many humans would be needing much healing over the months to come, then of course Covid-19 reached our shores.

The visions I get when receiving Reiki are like no other.  I can watch them like someone has placed a small TV inside my mind, who has control over the remote and I just lay back and receive whatever they want to show me.

During my latest session with Suzanne, I wasn’t disappointed.  She has been helping me with some physical health issues lately and the results have been outstanding.

I still find it incredible that she can press a particular part of my foot which hurts under the pressure, for her to tell me where it corresponds to on my body.  Without fail, it always relates to the exact physical ailment that is giving me issues.

At the end of the session, Suzanne gave me some reiki healing.

This time, I felt a very bright light radiate from the right side of my head from a female presence standing just behind me.  Her energy was radiant, pure and very maternal.

I felt this was Suzanne’s grandmother.  I then received a vision of a hotel I used to work at called The Churchgate in Old Harlow.

Just then, the vision changed to Suzanne sipping water from a golden bowl, on the side of a lake.  I was told she would be going to a retreat soon where she could connect back to herself and rest.

Once Suzanne had finished the treatment, I told her about feeling her grandmother and about the hotel.

Her eyes lit up “my gran lived opposite that hotel in Churchgate Street and we were only there last week laying flowers at her grave spot at the church” I explained that was her gran confirming to Suzanne that she saw her and was with her.

Suzanne told me that she saw a vision whilst doing my reiki, she saw a golden bowl.  I smiled and told her that I had also seen the golden bowl and asked her if she was going on a retreat, and she confirmed she had just signed up for one.  (This isn’t the first time I have shared a vision with a friend during Reiki; here is another example).

Suzanne also saw a spirit animal for me (she often see’s animals), a raccoon, she told me to look up the meaning after our session.

When going for a treatment, I never know what’s going to happen, but I do know the energy feels electric and something changes in that little garden treatment room.

It is peaceful, safe and feels like we are in the company of other beings.

Any form of therapy, whilst it is healing you, is offering an opportunity for you to connect to your higher self and spirit guides.  Wisdom can be downloaded including answers to problems that may be the causation of the physical ailment you have.

Whether it’s Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, or any type of touch therapy, allow it to recharge your battery and connect back to source.

Until next time,


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The Power Of Your Potential

This week, to carry on the theme of tarot predictions V potential, I’m going to write about exactly what that means.

When I started learning tarot professionally, one of my big questions to my teacher was “can tarot read the future?”.

It did not take me long to understand that the cards can certainly see a forecast of energy for us.

I feel though there is a common misconception with many people believing that all tarot readers are psychic and can all see the future for the sitter.

It worth mentioning that being a tarot reader and a psychic are not always one and the same.

Tarot is a spiritual, psychological art form (Carl Jung, the Swiss Psychiatrist was a huge fan of tarot and he used it to try and understand the layers of peoples psychs!).  Having the gift of foresight and prophecy is, however, another thing entirely.

So please remember, when you visit a tarot reader, they may not be able to see into your future the way you feel they should.  But what they can see is the potential that the cards are giving you.

Before we talk about that potential, I want to tell you that I do believe that psychics can see into the future and make predictions.  I have that strong belief because I have had given such accurate predictions in my personal and professional life.

However, when a person comes for a reading with me, I am conscious that they understand that I will not be giving them hard and fast predictions with no other outcome to their current situation.  I will always tell them that we are looking at their potential

Your spirit guides do not want to give you everything laid out on a plate, otherwise you will not learn the lessons you need to, now.  But what they do want you to see is your potential.

I know the cards are talking about potential because, when I look at it and feed it all back to my client, after a few months when they connect with me again, most of my clients will tell me that everything that the cards talked about that were in the future forecast of energy came true.

There is a much smaller selection of clients that come back and say, “it has not happened yet”.  This is how I know we are looking at potential, because you either decide to rise up to your potential or you choose to stay where you are and ignore it.

I would love to give you an example of this.

Her Potential In The Cards

I once had a lovely lady come for a tarot guidance reading.  She suffered a lot with self-esteem and motivation.  Crippling anxiety after a difficult relationship breakdown had floored her and she had spent a good amount of time trying to live an independent life and accept that she was now on her own and having to make decisions for herself.  This did not come easy for her.

She had just started a new job, which was a big step for her indeed.  She was working for herself, cleaning the house of a chap that she rather liked.  His was the only job she took, as she felt nervous to take on any more houses.  When we looked in her relationship area, this guy came in quite strongly because she had a bit of a crush on him.

Now, when it was time to investigate her future potential, the cards energy just lifted off the table!  When it came to her business, I was getting some big players come out!  The Queen of Wands, The Queen of Pentacles (a female who leads with creativity and business in her life – a real go getter!) and all sorts of other very positive cards.  I saw her expanding, building a business and making a real success of it.

In turn, this business would give her the self-confidence that was so needed and so desperately lacking in her life right now.

As she changed, so did her relationship with this single guy that she had her eye on.  He noticed her in a different way, she was loving herself, making her own decisions, becoming independent and like she knew exactly where she was heading in her life.  He liked that side of her, and something was sparking between them.

After I had said all this to my client, I looked at her and she sat stony faced and stared at me in disbelief.  She raised her eyebrows and said, “That’s not going to happen, I told you I have anxiety”.

 I did detect some anger behind her words, probably more frustration, I was picking up a vibe of “It’s alright for you to sit here telling me all this rubbish, you are confident, you have our own business but that is not me, I am not that woman!”.

The thing is, she was that woman.  She just failed to recognise her potential and resistance and fear had such a hold on her, that was all she could see in the moment.

After she left, my heart sank.  I had to admit that the contrast between her energy now and the future laid out were poles apart.  I had never seen such a change in direction and she would have to work hard to make it come to fruition.  It conflicted me so much that I telephoned by mentor Gaynor in Spain to ask her what she thought.  Her advice made so much sense.

“Tanya, trust your cards.  They are showing your client her true potential.  Whether she wants to take that potential is her choice.  You may have sparked something inside her, perhaps not now, but maybe she will think on your reading, and she might decide to build her business and therefore begin her journey of self-discovery”.

So, there you have it in a nutshell.

Yes, some things I believe are planned for us.  The big stuff, life birth, marriage, death, career, partners and family, I feel this is already in our great plan.  But the smaller stuff, the stuff that makes up the tapestry of our lives, this comes to us from our own free will.

So, your potential is there, waiting for you, are you going to go and grab it?

Until next time,


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Learning Through My Dreams

Since starting my consistent meditation journey (read about that here), I have noticed how my dreams are becoming even more insightful and some predictive in nature again.

In my twenties up to my mid-thirties some of my dreams were eerily accurate with world predictions.  It was mostly negative events, like the twin tower terrorist attack and other ones in France and the UK. 

Last week I dreamt that I was in an area that had just had severe flooding.  The animals (some exotic) where huddled together as they had to flee.  The trees were soddened and felt spongey as I prodded them, the waters had saturated the trunks.   The woodland I was standing in was not a UK wood, it had a much warmer climate (New Zealand or somewhere similar sprang to mind).  The towns surrounding the woodland were also destroyed and I remember thinking “if I hadn’t of climbed that tree, I would have been dead”.

On waking, the first thing I did was tell my husband.  Then about an hour later he saw on the news that whilst we were sleeping, on the other side of the world in Tonga, a tsunami had ravaged and caused significant damage to towns and woodlands.

Having this dream got me thinking. Could I also use this opportunity, whist I slept, to have a proper conversation with my guide Blue and gain some insightful info about what happens when we die?

It did not take long for my intention to be heard.  As since then I have had another two dreams that have given me some useful information.

The Matrix

A few nights after the Tonga dream, I found myself dreaming once again (there isn’t a night that goes by that I do not have colourful, detailed dreams with lots of people involved!).

In this dream I was watching a stranger demonstrating something when using light.  This guy was holding up what looked like tin foil and catching the suns sharp reflection.  As he turned the tin foil in a certain direction, he held the reflection to manipulate the light, a “sweet spot” that created a hole in the atmosphere.  It was like a rip in our existence, which allowed me to see into another dimension.  

Within this tear I was seeing into another reality, I could see other people walking around, with no idea we on this side even existed.  They couldn’t see me looking at them.

Suddenly I heard a voice.  “This is the matrix.  It’s real.  There are other layers on top of that one, they go on and on to infinity,” said my guide.

Much to some of my friend’s surprise, I have never watched the Matrix.  Since having this dream It is certainly on my list of films to “must watch” now!

The Afterlife

A couple of days after the matrix dream, I had another.  In this dream I wanted to ask my guide what “consciousness” feels like when we die.

As a medium I know we continue after physical human death.  But what bothers me is how we perceive our “new existence”.  I have this inner fear that we enter a dream like state and are not sure if we are dead or alive.  In my dream, my guide showed me what happens.

“This is when you dream” he stated as I found myself in a normal dreamlike state.

“And this is when you die” he said, and suddenly I was no longer in my dream, I felt myself leave my body and enter my astral state (to read more on this click here).  I was lucid and “awake” in my dream. 

From what I could gather, he was demonstrating that when we die, we kind of “get up” and walk away from our physical body / Earth and enter into an energetic astral realm that still has a physical looking mass but the vibrational frequency is much faster.  We still feel “alive” yet because there is no physical construct like in this reality, your energy can be anywhere at any moment in time and space.  Meaning thoughts can be the new language and we can move backwards and forwards through time.

That is about as far as my tiny brain can go (for now) on the subject!

I intend to ask more questions in the future, so of course when I get answers, you will be the first to know!

Until next time,


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Be still, listen.

Last week I discussed the frequencies we need to attune to reach different “lines” of communication to living people (psychic energy) and spirits who have passed on (you can read that blog here).

The spirit line takes a huge amount of energy to raise our vibration so we can reach spirits who will lower theirs and blend with us somewhere in the middle.

The most effective and successful way to raise your own vibration is to sit in your own quiet space.  To sit and be still.  To wait to feel, sense, see and hear.  

Sounds so easy…..but I find it hard.  In fact, much to my spirit guides frustration, I’ve been putting off meditation for years – YEARS!  I’ve dabbled yes, I’ve even given classes, but I have never quite followed through with a dedicated daily practice.

 Now, finally in 2022 I decided that things are going to change, and I will show up and stop resisting what I know is going to help with my spiritual work. 

So, every day since 1st Jan, I have been sitting in meditation for ten minutes every morning.  In just these short few weeks I am noticing my psychic vibration is getting stronger.  My dreams are becoming even more insightful and vivid.  They are also becoming a lot more predictive in their nature again.

I wake up at 6am every weekday to start my routine.  Once I’ve had a good half mug of coffee, I set my phone to ten minutes of meditation music.

On my first go, I was struggling with breathing correctly.  My mind was distracted, internal noise was super loud, and my breathing rhythm was not relaxed.  I was all over the place.  

Whist all this was going on, my attention was drawn to the sound of rhythmic deep breathing behind me.  I wasn’t afraid, I knew I could hear my guide.  He was sitting behind me, and I could hear him.  So, I followed his breathing to help me regulate mine.  This only lasted for a minute or so however it was enough to calm me and help me focus back to the breath.  As soon as I felt like I mastered the rhythm, I couldn’t hear the breathing sound anymore.

As much as I can see and feel the benefits, progress is still slow (we want everything so fast don’t we?  I feel this is a lesson in itself…..).  At this stage, it is rare for me to clear my mind, in fact all I do is sit and think about the day ahead.  I do have moments of drifting into what feels like a trance like state, but these are certainly fleeting.

I do notice sensation on the left side of the top of my head tingling, this has always been by guides calling card that he is around.

Even though not much is happening whilst I sit, I can feel a shift of energy around me during normal everyday life.  I feel stronger from the inside, less stressed and like I can handle things easily.

I know I am sensing spirit more; I’m even seeing again (it’s been a while since I saw spirit). 

Every now and again, as I am absorbed in a task like cooking or typing, I notice a white mist type of shape appearing in my side vision, like someone is standing there.  When I look up, it rapidly turns back to normal.  I’m convinced someone is trying to show themselves to me and now that I am making my connection stronger, I know it will only be a matter of time before I see them (of course, I will keep you posted on that one!).

Something profound did happen on one of my sessions last week.  Whilst sitting, I decided to ask my nan to give me a direct sign that I was connecting to her on the spirit line.  Within seconds, the music that was playing via my YouTube app paused itself.  I smiled to myself.  That was enough to let me know, they are working with me, and I am on the right path to really begin connecting with them.

I look at it like this, I’ve always had psychic and mediumistic abilities for many years, and so far I have been doing a pretty good job of communicating with spirit however, with a thick plastic panel between us.  With this daily meditation, I am clearing that panel so that all will be left is the light vibrational energy that can help us talk more clearly.

So, my message to you this week is, stop procrastinating, stop resisting, stop getting in your own way.  Sit, be still, don’t worry about your internal chatter (it will shut up eventually) and listen……feel……….and see where that takes you.

Until next time,


The Right Phone Line

There is a famous saying that becoming a good medium is 20% your ability to connect well with spirit and 80% working on yourself as a person.   

The long and short of it is that your direct radio connection to spirit will be considerably hindered if you do not clear out the crap in your head and heart first.

This is because when you read for someone, you must remove yourself from the equation and literally be the voice box that is passing on the message to the recipient.

Mediumship readings are difficult.  The first major hurdle is getting the right line connected to your spirit person.

Imagine you are one giant radio that has lots of strands of energy running off it (frequencies).  You can tune into these frequencies if you want to develop your psychic and mediumistic skills.  I do believe that all humans are psychic but not all are mediums. How psychic you are depends on how open you are to the idea, how much you trust in the information you get and crucially, what your connection is like.

Most people think that psychics are special and walk around with these superpowers to know other people’s thoughts and predict the future.  But the reality is that we are all tuned on that vibration however some people’s lines are busier than others and some may be completely blocked or permanently cut off. 

Every human being has a psychic line to each other, as we are all connected.  So, when you think randomly of a person you haven’t seen in ages and then bump into them the next day, imagine that you have actually called each other on your psychic lines.  Mostly, this is not a conscious effort on your part, but the beauty of psychic development is that you can deliberately make the call eventually.

People such as myself, who have been working on clearing that psychic phone line for most of their life, have a pretty robust connection but only when outside influences do not block the line.

Outside influences are how well I’m feeling physically, what’s going on in my emotional life, do I feel stressed, have I meditated? It also depends on the outside noise/distractions as I am trying to tune in.

Here is the thing also, if you are a medium in training, you can believe you are connecting to a loved one in spirit, but you may be using the wrong phone line.

The psychic line will take you to an energy that is alive today, here on Earth. You can also “read” the energy of someone who has died because their energy left an impact on this Earth, like the negative of a photograph.  However, are you actually “connected” to that conscious energy of the spirit on the psychic line?

No.  You can only connect to the conscious energy of the spirit by changing phone lines.  Because spirits are on a different frequency to human (psychic) energy.  This new dial up has a much higher frequency.  Some humans can reach it.  Others are going to struggle big time because they cannot raise their vibration to blend through the line.

This new line is like taking your psychic phone line connection to the gym and trying to flex the muscle that it is, so it’s strong, clear and able to receive free flowing information.

The most important thing to know is that your spirit loved one sits at the other end of that higher frequency phone line, waiting to give you a message.

Now here’s the thing, when the spirit speaks down the line, they do not speak a clear message of communication to the medium in how we do it here. It is not quite as easy as talking down a line.  Think about the telephone line and the fact it is reaching through space, time, this physical construct and multiple layers of universal law that our small brains would never be able to fathom in this reality. The line is distant, very very distant.

The spirit needs to tell us who they are, their relationship to the sitter and then start filling the line space with the essence of them so the medium can convey it all back to the sitter. The spirit uses telepathy to communicate down the line to the medium.

This is a true story; when I was on the mediumship line once the spirit wanted to tell the sitter about the son he had and how that period of his earth life was emotionally unstable.  

There I was on the line, trying to keep the connection and the spirit sent an image of a buoy bobbing up and down in stormy ocean waters.

Why this man spirit couldn’t send me an image of a small boy and a man crying next to him I will never know but on reflection he was giving me the literal word “boy” only spelt different and stormy ocean means troubled emotions.

But all I could think of was “did he work on a life boat? Was he a fisherman?  Did he almost drown?  Did he make buoys in a factory?”

The frustration of finally reaching the right line (as this is a feat in itself sometimes) and yet having to sit in front of my sitter like a contestant on “Catch Phrase” was enormous.

We got there in the end and she understood my message but I have to say I’ve had many moments of wanting to get up and slam my head against the door.  In fact, I’ve just wanted to give up entirely.

In my opinion, psychic is much easier to master because the line is so clear!  But that’s because it is part of this universe.  The mediumship line is like a supersonic satellite version and there is a team of serviceman managing it (your spirit guides) but you have to be the output, the start of the line.  

How do you become a robust, efficient, and clear output? I will discuss that in next weeks blog…..

Until next time,

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The Law OF Vibrations

I have researched, studied, and even created and filmed a course on the positive law of attraction.  Over the years I have seen with my own eyes the power of manifestation, from not only the material (literally having £1000 appear in my hands about a week after asking) and from a health perspective where my whole family have gone down with a sickness bug and as I felt myself in the grip of it, managed to breath it away with the power of my intention, and focussed positive thought control. 

It sounds easy when written like that, but I also know the truth is it can be very hard to stay in the right “place” on a vibrational level to manifest the life we desire.  In my experience and opinion, the way manifestation works should never be dismissed as nonsense because it is as real to me as the air that I breath, however it should be respected in that it does not come easily to some.

I recently read someone coin it “the law of vibration” instead of the familiar LOA and that makes so much more sense to me.  As a psychic reader, I live my life through the law of vibration.  That is how I pick up on others, read past and future energy, it’s how I connect with people that have passed on, all based on what their vibrational frequency felt like.

I’ve been reading a fabulous book by Entrepreneur Jo Macfarlane called Ask & Act.  The book is incredibly motivating, probably because I can see so many similarities and life parallels with myself and Jo. 

One thing she talks about is the vibrational emotional scale (or the scale of Consciousness) that displays different emotional states we find ourselves in.  Obviously as humans, it’s important to experience every single one to help us learn, grow and develop along our journey.

What we do not want to do is spend our lifetime in the lower vibrational states.  As all this will do is attract more of what we are feeling.  I have had first-hand experience of this.  At the end of 2021 my anxiety began to creep up again and, even though I was exercising a lot and still trying to keep on top of my healthy eating, I was allowing social media to become an obsession.  I was looking at my phone far too much, I was consumed with the misery of Covid news, I was finding that I was getting irritated easily by other people and sometimes losing the empathy that I know I have for others (normally in abundance).

I was feeling stressed easily and my health in the base/sacral chakra was deteriorating with chronic problems that I could not seem to heal from.  I started to have bleak thoughts about death, and “what is the point of all this if we are all going to die anyway?”.  (This coming from someone who has been lucky enough to have direct contact from spirit in the past!).

When others spoke to me about negative subjects, instead of my usual “let’s try and pull them up and away from this” I found myself joining in, on the same level as them with the woes and depressive narrative.

For some reason, I felt like I was being rained on constantly, like I was standing at a bleak bus stop in a dodgy part of London on a Tuesday afternoon and just allowing this negativity to engulf me.

I don’t know when this started but it crept up subtly like a bad smell.  It was when everything came to a head when I finally took stock.

On a very heavy downpour one morning on the school run I had a car accident (my first in 22 years of driving) and not only that, received ten minutes of verbal abuse from the other car driver, it was shocking and something I had never experienced before in my life.

Not only that, but the same week also I received more verbal abuse from a lady along a deserted part of the cycle track, as I walked away with her yelling I was thinking “why is this happening?”.

I then got in trouble because I didn’t do some paperwork that I was supposed too, which is so unlike me…..all of this was so far removed from my normal reality.

On reflection I can now see why it was all happening, the metaphor of standing in the rain and doing nothing to shelter myself was becoming my reality.  I knew it was time to take stock of my feelings and emotions again, mostly to raise my vibration with using self-care techniques.

Below is an example of the Scale of Consciousness that Jo mentions in her book;

Enlightenment            700-1000

Peace                           600

Joy                              540

Love                            500

Reason                        400

Acceptance                 350

Willingness                 310

Neutrality                    250

Courage                      200

Pride                            175

Anger                          150

Desire                          125

Fear                             100

Grief                            75

Apathy                        50

Guilt                            30

Shame                         20

When I look at the scale, I can see a lot of the lower vibrational frequencies that I was resonating on.  Don’t get me wrong, the core of my personality is made up of a definite majority of the higher frequency emotions but for some reason, I was being stuck with some feelings like guilt and apathy. 

On the sclare, desire surprisingly is lower than anger (the desire for material obsessions) although if you think about it, anger is a powerful emotion for change, if directed in the right place.

Going down is always easier than coming up, like gravity shows us.  Once you descend, it is like being on a giant slide and the only way is down, especially when it feels like everyone else is going headfirst down that slide too.

To raise yourself up the slide with your arms backwards, takes determination, strength of will and courage.  But once you begin to get some momentum, you find that you no longer need your arms to pull you, you begin to float upwards on the wind and the lighter your thoughts and feelings are, the higher your frequency vibrates.  It is at this point that other people, things, situations, and opportunities begin to fly your way, coming toward you with ease. 

There is no more feeling stuck in the rut, or the mud, once on a higher vibrational level you are free to swim in the sky and catch anything that floats past you. 

The incredible thing is that most of us know what daily habits pull us down and what good daily practice will raise us up.

This year I am making a concerted effort to stay above number 175 on that scale!  At the same time, I appreciate that life happens around me.  I cannot change people dying, things ending, bad news, difficult circumstances, or just hard knocks.  I think it is ok to be within those lower frequencies when something of a negative nature may have engulfed us.  But what is paramount is that we acknowledge where we are on the scale and begin to self-regulate to raise our vibration and climb back up again.

I feel grateful every day that I know what to do to get myself back up the scale again.  Here is just a selection of what I do;

  • List things daily that I am grateful for
  • Tell myself positive affirmations
  • Do not feel like tasks such as cooking are a chore, I use it as a practice for mindfulness
  • Exercise every day, which includes Yoga, running and walking
  • Eat a healthy and clean diet, avoiding alcohol
  • Challenge myself to something that takes me out of my comfort zone, like a race or a new hobby (this year it’s roller-skating!)
  • Turn conversations around when I am faced with someone with a more negative outlook on life
  • Have a disciplined routine when it comes to sleep and wellbeing practices like Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, and regular facials
  • Set goals, read lots, and acquire more knowledge to keep my brain active
  • Stop watching and reading the news, reduce social media time significantly and connect more with human beings
  • Appreciate daily the gift that is life and how I am so lucky to be here today
  • Meditate daily, with a real and complete focus on “now”.  Using the fear bubble for worry (I will only worry about something if I need to IF it is happening, then adjust my emotions accordingly during that very moment. I will not be in fear three weeks before the event, as that is a waste of my energy).

I feel the most important thing we must do is every day be grateful that we wish to work on ourselves and make the changes.  There are many people on Earth that have no idea how to self-regulate.  I recently read a comment on social media where a member of the public made a sweeping comment about mental health and that it’s not a real thing, it is a “band wagon” since covid began.  I was floored by the ignorance of this man, that he truly had no idea that mental health is the same as physical health and that sometimes we become sick in body and in mind and we must work to keep both healthy.

I felt sorry for the man after my initial outrage at his comment.  He had no idea that he needs to look after his mental health, if he has no idea then how can he keep himself well in himself?  I am a true believer that our mental state effects the vibrational frequency of our physical and we can manifest physical illness quite easily if we do not manage the stress levels.

So, on that note, my goal for 2022 is to keep working on myself, being in the moment and loving every minute that the glory is of life.  I can feel it changing already and it feels amazing!

Until next time,


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