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Tarot In the 21st Century

One aspect of tarot that I find most amazing is that it has been around for so long and never really died out, in fact, I would say the practice of this ancient artform is getting stronger and stronger by the year.

There are many myths and legends about where tarot first originated and when.  Tarot has been primarily an artistic endeavour in the sense that the pictures and images that constitute the decks, particularly the major (or trump) cards, have been works of art created by artists.

As early as the beginning of the sixteenth century, there are confusing claims about the origins and history of the cards.  It has been claimed that Tarot was a vehicle for the secret teachings of the ancient Egyptians.    However, due to painstaking research by historians, it is widely accepted that the part of the deck known as the suits (or minor arcana), descended from North African origin.  The major arcana was created by a wealthy Italian nobility somewhere between 1420 and 1440.

Tarot is essentially a hybrid of the fifty-two four-suited cards that were designed and used for gaming and gambling purposes.  If you think about how the suits and numbering matches that of normal playing cards, you can understand this connection to game play.

As the card use spread across Europe from Italy, so did its use and it became associated with fortune-telling, the occult and magical lore of all kinds.

Today, there are thousands of card decks on the market and the use of the cards has seen a huge increase since social media allowed a platform for learning, reading, and sharing information on the tarot.

The two most established decks in use today derive from the Ryder-Waite tarot deck or Tarot of Marseille.

Rider-Waite (or Rider-Waite-Smith) is a widely popular deck and is illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith, based on the instructions of academic and mystic A.E.Waite, these cards were originally published in 1909. 

The Tarot of Marseilles is a standard pattern of Italian-suited cards that was very popular in France in the 17th and 18th century.

So, the fact that tarot cards are still amazingly relevant in today’s day and age delights me because the original creators had no idea at the time that we would be living in a social digital age, yet the card meanings of each elemental suits are still so apt.

A good example of this is the suit of swords.  This suit has always been about mental conflict, ideas, and logical clarity.  When the Four of Swords was created, the basic meaning at that time was that a mental rest was needed.  Now, when I see this card in a spread, it often means that but can also mean an office job with computers. 

Or the Page of Swords traditional meaning is a quick witted young intellectual, in today’s meaning it is often either online dating or the signing of contracts. 

To me, the tarot is eternal in its nature and incredibly adaptable, after all, human existence is made up from the four pillars of emotions, intellect, spiritual growth, and physicality.

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Fear, Risk & Trust

This year, I have been doing a lot of inner work on myself.  Perhaps it is because I am about to undertake a big life changing event, which is bringing up all sorts of emotions.

Many people who know me (or meet me for the first time) generally assume I am full of confidence and am up for risk taking, which is a half-truth.  It is a case of having to force myself out of my comfort zone, I’ve been doing that most of my adult life.

As a parent, one of the strongest emotions is to protect your child, against absolutely anything and everything that may hurt them.  This is a human instinct and will help to keep that child safe.  The problems begin when a parent’s fear is irrational and there is a blurred line between what an actual real-life risk looks like, and what may be the parents own fear catastrophising a situation.

If you grow up with a parent who catastrophises and leans more to a negative way of thinking, you will be conditioned to have anxiety. This is not the parents fault, as they will be acting through love and doing the best they can in that situation. It can also have its advantages as it will make you super vigilent with a sensible head that keeps you out of danger with the clear understanding of consequences due to certain actions.

The key, like most things in life, is to find the balance and take “healthy’ risks and to not avoid situations by overthinking the risk.

If you have been overly protected as a child you may find it difficult to trust your own judgement in a given sitation.

I am sure there are a lot of people who are reading this that may relate to what I am saying.  It does not mean that you were not loved properly, it just means that the fear cycle was not broken with you.  So, it is your job to break it with the next generation.

In the past, I have had talking therapy for my anxiety.  I had no idea how my anxiety had filtered into so many aspects of my everyday life.  I have had to retrain my brain to turn every situation that takes me outside of my normal routine or comfort zone into something that isn’t about to hurt me or put me in danger (or atleast to have negative outcomes).

I’ve had to work very hard to do this with my daughter as the last thing I want is for her to have the burden of anxiety on her shoulders and for her to stop living life to its fullest.

Last week, at the grand age of forty-one, I rode on the back of a motorbike for the very first time.  My daughter had even beaten me too it, at age eight my husband had her kitted out with safety gear and took her on some little trips.

The internal pain and worry of her doing that was agonising for me, I won’t lie, but I had to fight that fear to allow her this, she WANTED to do it, and that is massive, as sometimes she is fearful like me and it stops her in her tracks.  So, I had to support that, and logically look at the risks and make an informed assessment of it.

Everything in life is a risk, EVERYTHING.  A hot cup of coffee being given to you is a risk of it burning you, but we do not deem it a risk because it’s something pleasurable and we like it.

Getting on the back of a motorbike carries a lot more risk than having a cup of coffee.  Yes, that risk can still be measured to a degree, taking into consideration the external road and weather conditions, skill and experience of the rider, protective gear worn and how sensible the rider is with speed and judgement.  Certainly, you cannot account for other road drivers’ actions, but as my husband always says “If I have an accident on my bike, I can assure you it won’t be my fault” – this is because he is constantly accessing the risk with every turn, junction and decision he needs to make on that bike, assuming always that he cannot be seen by other drivers.

I used to believe that getting on the back of a motorbike would lead to certain death, until I broke it down just like I described in the paragraph above.  Instead of saying an outright “no” – I dissected it rationally, like I have been doing with a lot of stuff in my life recently.  This appears to be anxieties worst enemy, because the more you do it, the more you realise that most of your worries are in your head.

When I sat on the back of the bike for the first time, and he pushed off with the engine roaring in my ears, I felt immensely exposed.  The feeling that I could slip off the back of it as he accelerated made me feel so vulnerable.  Like it would be very easy to die.

I wanted to cry as he navigated along the streets towards the first main road.  But I did not want to cry because I was terrified.  I wanted to cry because I was finally letting go and trusting.

As we turned the corner onto the busy main road and as I leaned in, I understood that I wasn’t going to slip off that bike, i decided to trust in myself to hold on and I decided to release the fear altogether.  This is a man I have known for twenty-two years, he has a racing licence and has a lot of experience with riding and driving many different types of vehicles.  He always makes the right decision because he thinks it through.  I had trusted him so many times with other mundane stuff in my life, now that I really needed too, I decided to totally do just that.  To trust.   

To relinquish all control and just “be” in the moment is one of the most liberating feelings I have ever had. 

The simple fact is, we do not know when our final time here will come.  But if we spend our whole life trying to avoid it, it will stop us living.  And I am done with expecting the worst. 

As we sped through the open countryside on that bike, I have never felt so alive.  It was one of the best days of my life, and I will certainly do it again.

I feel my moto now is to take the risk after you have logically done the assessment, then go for it.  Trust my gut always “the knowing” that is helping me make decisions has never let me down so far.  But I won’t let the fear win, I’m choosing life now, and it feels bloody amazing!

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The Tarot Fours; Resting

When I am not sure about what to blog about, I ask my spirit guide for a prompt.  This week, after I asked him the question and shuffled my tarot cards, I pulled out;

The Four of Coins

The Four of Swords

The Four of Cups

The fours in tarot are a resting phase.  It is a time where the energy flow comes to a halt, in this case, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Do you recognise this phase?  A time where we don’t want to think about things, or we lose the motivation to go to the gym, or we simply can’t be bothered to find any motivation in much anymore?

The problem with this phase is that it’s like a hamster wheel, once you are in the cycle and begin peddling, it becomes hard to come off.

We hear ourselves and people say “I fell off the wagon” with good habits and then have this seemingly huge mountain to climb to get back on it.   

I believe that rest periods are very important for us on so many levels, but they need to be taken with the view that we will get back into our flow once we have regained some equilibrium.

Some people may spend a huge amount of their lifetime in the “fours”.  Habits may be so ingrained that they may not even be aware of how stuck their energy is.  Sadly, when one area of our life is stuck, for example mentally, it then has a knock on effect with our physical, emotional and spiritual layers.

I have been thinking deeply about certain cliches this year, such as “you only live once……….this is not a dress rehearsal…… is short”.

The reason why is because I know a lot of people who have died or are dying over the past two years.

It has really made me take stock of how important it is that we LIVE now. 

To me, living now isn’t about blowing all your savings on travelling the world (however if you want to do that – I’m not going to try and stop you!), it is about being alive in this very moment.

It means that you say “fu*k you!” to anxiety and worry about the future and sink into the peace that is this very moment.  Even if you have some big life changes going on or difficult life stuff around you, if you have this moment, this breath, this now, means that you have hope. It means you are living.

A simple walk outside and seeing the trees breathing is living.

Catching a wave of happiness from your child is living.

Feeling the gratitude of wearing clothes, eating food and having a blanket is living.

Connecting, expressing and viewing your life through love is living.

Appreciating whatever is going right, what is working in your life right now is living.

Getting excited about the small stuff like the book you are reading, the lunch you are going to have, the earrings you just put on is living.

Smiling at a stranger is living.

Giving and not expecting back is living.

It is about understanding that this life is precious.  It should be savoured and the only way to do that is to be here, now.  To accept that your life is exactly as it should be in this moment in time.

Yes, it might be a horrific phase right now.  You may have had a catalogue of awful phases.  But without the low points, the pain, the sadness, the grief, perhaps the not wanting to be here at all, without all that, you cannot shed another layer and grow into the new version of you.

Because that is what the Fours show us.  After we sleep, we get up and we start again.  We must do that, we must have hope, gratitude, and love for another day.  And if it doesn’t come today, have hope and trust that the feeling will come tomorrow.

We owe it to ourselves, this life, the people who love us, we owe it to them to keep climbing forward, and if we can’t do that physically, we do it with our hearts and minds.  

When we begin to focus forward, where our intention goes the energy will flow.  And in that energy are amazing ideas, people, places and stuff that hasn’t even happened yet and its exciting and new and beautiful…..but if we don’t seek it, we will never find it.

So enjoy the fours for a little while, but don’t stay there too long…..embrace the fives, renewed energy, action and most of all, renewed life!

Until next time,


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The Intuition Of Children

I have always known that children are not born with the filters that most of us adults have.  They are completely open to their senses, receiving new experiences daily, they trust in all that they can see, feel, and touch and do not question things.  Therefore, they are ideal candidates to feel and see spirits.

I have read countless stories of parents explaining how their child had seen a strange phenomenon or talked about a past life in depth.  I, as a child grew up hearing voices and seeing and sensing a host of unusual things.  Luckily for me, my weird stuff continued into adulthood, and I decided to make a career out of it, but I know that most of us loose our ability to connect to spiritual energy once logic, reasoning and materialism begins to take hold.

I am also aware that psychic and mediumistic ability appears to run in families.  So, I did wonder, when my little girl was a baby, if she would inherit the gene?  I think she may well have done.

My daughter Ariane, who is now ten years old, began seeing aura when she was very small, around four years old.  She can see full on colour aura around people at school and often says how she just sits and watches reds, blues, and pinks dance around the room during class time.

During a recent visit to the opticians, the ophthalmologist asked her if she ever experienced visual disturbances.  My daughter was keen to tell her about the colours however, sensing puzzlement on the lady’s face, I quickly butted in to tell her not to worry, this is a “family thing” (yes, she probably thinks we are all nuts!).

I have told Ariane to try and build on her aura seeing by trusting it and not over thinking.  If she can see colour like this now, it can only improve and is very exciting (I could only see white aura and have only just began seeing fragments of colour at forty-one years old!).

Ariane has clearly seen the spirit of my sister’s mother-in-law in our garden, and followed it by describing in detail what the lovely lady was wearing.  When I relayed this information back to my sisters father-in-law, he confirmed that his late wife had the exact outfit that Ariane described.

Recently, Ariane told me something that really did excite me.  She said that when she glanced over to another student during class time, she saw what looked like a human eye in the middle of his forehead, just above the brow-bone.  The eye was looking at her and it blinked before disappearing.

I nearly fell off my chair at this news.  She had clearly seen the third eye, but like a real human eye.  Ariane doesn’t really know much at all about chakra’s and how they work, so this was a completely innocent comment but held so much information!  Even though I very well know there is a third eye there, the fact she saw it was so exciting!

It is as if she had a glimpse of the energetic body for a split second, reminding us that its very much there and if we wish to develop our intuition and psychic ability, just visualize that third eye opening, you are not going crazy if you do this – she saw the third eye as plain as day!

I am excited for Ariane’s further development with her intuitive abilities.  I suppose it helps that she comes from a mother who reads tarot cards daily and lives and breathes intuitive practice, but I have a feeling one day she will be able to teach me a thing or too!

Until next time,


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My Crystal Vibration

Ah crystals, the beautiful, eye catching, sparkling little or big gems that seem to be the billboard of all things spiritual – can you even call yourself a New Ager if you don’t know your Rose Quartz from your Obsidian?

I’m being facetious of course, simply because I have a confession to make.  I love crystals for their aesthetic beauty, but I have never really connected to them the way I have seen others do.

I do observe at times an almost obsessive nature from others towards these enigmatic chunks of pure Earth lava and feel a bit out of the club because I’m just not feeling it like everyone else.  I have a copy of the Crystal Bible which I do consult on occasion, but I rarely find myself getting all excited like a kid in a sweet shop when I go to the crystal stall at the market (unlike at Tarot shops, but that is a different story).

I am Reiki attuned to Master level, yet I admit, apart from placing the chakra colour crystals on the couch pre-reiki session because they look calming, I don’t use them in my healing experience (well let’s say, I haven’t noticed anything different).

I do understand how energy works (I can FEEL vibrations from my hands when doing a healing treatment) so I am not saying that crystals are not powerful, I have just never really connected in a way that others do.

Until recently, something changed that.  I had my first connection with a crystal, and it came by complete surprise.

It was my daughters tenth birthday and I had bought her a clear quartz ball crystal on a leather necklace cord.  She absolutely loved it and wanted to wear it on that day’s shopping trip into town.  The cord was a bit temperamental, and I tried my hardest to make sure the knot was secure (you can see where this is going….).

Off we went to H&M, her favourite shop and after spending most of her birthday money, we set off out of the shop into the crowds to walk to Star Bucks.

As we stepped out of H&M, my daughter put her hand to her chest realising that her necklace was no longer there.  She looked panic stricken, I told her not to worry, we would calmly cover our tracks back up to the kids section of the clothes shop.

As we reached the top of the escalator, I somehow knew where to walk, as if some invisible line of energy was pulling me toward the lost crystal.

I spied the black cord poking out from under the till, and there I could just make out the gleam of the clear quartz ball, sitting snugly under the till cabinet on the ground. 

As I swiftly reached down to snatch up my daughter’s prized possession, something very odd happened.  I felt a charge of energy emanate from the crystal and spike right up my arm, the same sensation I have when I practice reiki.

There was no doubt in my mind, the crystal had made a connection to us, and it was almost relieved that we had found it, the sensation was so real, so strong and I was shocked.

As I tied it back around her neck (this time double knotting!), I had a new found respect for crystals.  It is almost like they have a conscience (I appreciate how weird that sounds) but seriously, they appear to be vibrating with an intelligence that I had never given them credit for before.

So perhaps now my enthusiasm for crystals will deepen, and I will begin to work with them respectfully and appreciate that they are more than simply a beautiful object that I have on my shelf.

Until next time,


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Tarot Of Oppositions

I somehow missed the hype of the Lo Scarabeo new Tarot Of Oppositions tarot deck that was published in 2021.  I had no idea that the deck even existed until last week when I saw a post about it on one of my tarot forums.

I gasped at the photograph of the cards – this was exactly what I had been looking for, without even realising it!

As a seasoned professional tarot reader, surprisingly, I do not read tarot reversals.  On occasion they do come out during a reading, I do make a mental note that there is a message in that reversal and do feed it into my delivery however, I choose not to work with them as my readings tend to flow so well without them.

But – I have come to realise that without reversals, we are only seeing half of the story.

A 78-card deck of tarot cards will give you every aspect of life’s ups and downs on our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual journey in this lifetime.  There are enough cards to show us negative and positive forces.  But are these negative and positive forces coming from inside us or by outside influences?  Are the court cards (people) we are seeing in our spread behaving in a good way or bad way?  Having a reversal can give us a key indicator.

So, when I stumbled upon the Tarot Of Oppositions, I realised that I could now work with reversals in a symbolic and visual way that will really help with my learning process.

One thing is for certain, these cards pack a punch.  Some cards are already very negative in nature, such like the 10 of Swords, which is showing us that there has been complete mental anguish and that a difficult ending has certainly happened.  So, if we reverse this traditional meaning, how much further can we go with this negativity?

I thought long and hard about this and decided that I must allow my own interpretation of the opposite of this card to speak to me.

So, when the 10 of Swords is upright, I have decided it is telling me that a very mentally stressful time is happening now.  If we flip it to the opposite, I feel it is telling me that the very mentally stressful time is now over, done and finished (as you can see in the photo, the man is now completely covered in a block of ice).

I feel there are some cards that cannot have a positive twist on them, however we look at them (even though we must remember that through pain comes hope, creation, and a possible rebirth).  The 10 of Swords certainly falls into that category.

A card like the 8 of Swords, which upright means we are tied to our own internal fears and anxieties, can have a positive spin if we flip the card.  If you see the photo, the person who was tied to the chair has now left the room, deciding to take control of the their mental fears and seek a brighter outlook.

The 4 of Swords, which upright meaning is to have a mental break away from stress and turmoil, shows us in the traditional sense that this break is welcomed, and even peaceful.  But if we turn the card around, we can now see it’s a painful “rest” and is a difficult stage to go through.

I find the Hermit interesting as in the upright position it is full of self-reflection, wisdom and is comfortable with having “alone time” – it is clear this person does not feel lonely, they are seeking solitude because it is good for their soul.

However, the opposite is telling me that this Hermit is secretive, he/she has a darker energy, they don’t want enlightenment, they want to hide away, there is not hope here, just a feeling of being stuck and stagnation.

In my opinion, one of the most positive cards in the Tarot Deck is The Sun.  I found it a challenge to flip the card and get anything negative from this, however, the imagery, as you can see, tells me a different story.  The sun is shining yes, but is has a melancholy look on its face and the child has been starving and the sunflowers are drooping.  This is telling me that a good outcome is here yes, however, it has been painstaking, it has not been easy to get to this sunshine and not all is what it seems.

The Tarot of Oppositions has real character and will take some time for me to get used to it, but I feel it will be worth the practice.  If offers layers of depth, a mirror of exactly what is going on in someone’s life.   It will show you the full picture, warts and all, if you are brave enough to investigate its magik.

Until next time,


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A Morning Routine

I was recently chatting to a friend about how, if we keep our core strong (not only our stomach muscles but our actual “inner strength core”) when it comes to who we are as a person, then it doesn’t matter what is going on in our external world, our inner world should be able to remain calm and at peace.

I described our self-care practices like a tranquil island that can always stay consistent, calming, and safe, no matter what stormy weather is happening around it.

We should always be able to sit within our little island and retreat to it whenever we need to feel safe. 

In my opinion, the most effective way to build this self-island of tranquillity is to start with a morning routine.  This is the perfect time to practice some self-care.

Morning is my very favourite time of day.  I am the archetypal morning lark and can honestly say that I do not need to hit snooze on my alarm, even on a day off work, as soon as my eyes are open, I can step out of bed quite freely to begin my day.

Early mornings for me are about delicious stillness.  They are for me and me alone, especially in the silence when the others are still asleep.  There are no expectations in the morning space, I can use it purely for my own practice of self-care indulgence.

If you need some inspiration for your own morning routine, I have given you an example of mine below and I can honestly say that if done consistently, it can be life changing.

Social Media

After rising at 5.30am, I now have a rule that I do not look at my phone for social media, messages, or emails for at least an hour on waking. 

By doing this simple thing has reduced my racing thoughts which in the past has often led to an anxious mind during the day.  If you find that your mind turns on at full speed ahead in the morning, perhaps try doing the same.  Give yourself time to be in the moment and walk to a slower pace, which you should hopefully continue throughout the day.

Ayurveda Routine

If you are unfamiliar with Ayurveda, I would highly recommend that it is something you read up on to learn more.  In a nutshell, ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest, holistic whole body healing systems which originated in India.

Ayurveda explains that we each fall into one of three different body-type constitutions, Vata, Pitta or Kapha.  Once you understand what your dosha is, you can understand what the imbalances your body (more than likely) has.  The core root of ayurvedic philosophy is that our digestion is absolutely key to sustaining a healthy and disease-free life.

The first thing I do in the morning is clean my teeth and scrap my tongue, which is common practice in Ayurvedic tradition.  During our sleep time, toxins rise into your mouth (as the body heals) and layers on the tongue, this is called “Agni”.  The point of tongue scrapping is to take the agni away to help eliminate toxins in the system.

Spiritual Practice

Once I am downstairs and I’ve made a cup of herbal tea, I take some time to journal, just a paragraph or two.   It is a good way to start the day, with some intentions and journaling allows reflection time, especially on any dreams you may have had the night before.  Dreams can be incredibly symbolic and helpful with messages for us from the subconscious.

Ten minutes of meditation follows which I have now come to really enjoy.  I find sitting upright on a chair provides the best intention for meditation, and sometimes I am surprised how quickly the minutes fly by. 

After my meditation I then pull out my yoga mat for around twenty-minutes of vinyasa flow.  I’ve been following Adrienne from You Tube and thoroughly enjoy this practice, even on the days when I feel less motivated with low energy, by the end of my practice I feel grounded and ready to start my day.


As I follow as much as an Ayurvedic practice as possible with my diet, my breakfast normally contains poached fruit with a different morning grain, currently its either Pearl Barley or Amaranth (an ancient nutty grain that makes a delicious morning porridge!).  This is mixed with my seasonal spice mix for my dosha (like cinnamon, turmeric, nutmeg and cloves) and oat milk with some coconut milk for sweetness.

The benefits of a morning routine

Here are just a few of the benefits of incorporating a consistent morning routine into your schedule;

  • It will without doubt, increase your productivity. 
  • You will have a sense of being in control and that you do have “time’.  This will take away any stress that will undoubtably build if you rush out of bed with no structure to the morning.
  • Developing a healthy habit with one aspect of your life makes it easier to slip in new ones….
  • You will feel shaper, calmer and at ease.  This will in turn improve your relationships, as stress from you may trigger stress from others around you and vice versa, you will be more equipped to handle other people’s stress. 

All the above benefits have been working for me.  There will be some days that I do not have the energy to carry out a full routine (for example I have been battling a flu bug recently, so I did not do the Yoga).  But even just sitting, with a warm drink and a book is a wonderful way to start the day.

Treat the day like it’s going to be your friend, believe that time is always on your side (it is) and that there is no need to stress, fuss or rush.  Just by doing this, you walk to the beat of your own drum, and you can handle the stuff that life likes to throw at us sometimes.

Until next time,


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Healing Before Teaching

The Death tarot card has been following me around in recent weeks.  Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean I’m going to pop my clogs any time soon (hopefully).

The death card signifies a complete transition, a rebirth and shedding of one’s skin to release old habits, situations, people, circumstances, feelings, and life patterns that no longer serve the individual.  It does mean change but often in this situation it comes from within, guided by self.  It is a call to listen to one’s inner voice and make changes that are needed on a soul level.

It comes along when you have learnt a lesson and are ready to close a door on an old chapter, because now you finally understand things from a higher perspective.

I’ve been tapping into spiritual energies since I was a young girl so what I do now as a job isn’t too far removed from who I am as an individual.  I picked up my first tarot cards twenty years ago and after deciding in my mid-thirties to leave my corporate career behind me, I started my formal path of spiritual development.

It’s been six years that I have been working, connecting, and exploring in this industry (I use the word industry to not degrade spiritualism but if you work within it, it’s your industry).

My personal journey has taken me from mediumship to tarot reading, law of manifestation, reiki, to ayurveda, to meditation, yoga, wiccan work to circles to name a few of the practices I’ve studied.

When I first started in this business, it wasn’t long before I felt the urge to start teaching what I had learnt to others. When I found my mentor Gaynor, she knew I was keen to teach, however Gaynor reminded me that you know nothing until you have walked, talked and breathed into your own practice and discipline. She was very right.

I had a while to go before I would teach tarot because I needed time to absorb and learn as much as I could myself first, even if I had been turning cards for twenty years.

I believe the reason why the Death card has been following me around now is because I truely understand how one needs to heal before teaching and I just didn’t appreciate that six years ago. Now, when I look around the industry, I can see that it is heavily crowded with individuals that are teaching yet may not be even close to being ready to do this yet.

The market is saturated – it’s huge right now.  The number of online readers and coaches have soared, due to Covid mostly and having access to a wider audience and potential client base.

This is all amazing if you are following your dreams of being able to help people to heal themselves through the many practices that spiritualism brings.  But, what I see far too often is people running before they learn to walk with regards to their own healing journey.

To be able to really teach others to heal themselves comes only after your own personal awakening.  I do cringe inside at that word, but there isn’t another word for it.  You must transform, accept, and awaken into yourself, to take the time to understand your own shadows and actively work on them with conviction, consistency and courage.  If you do not do this, then in my opinion you are spiritual bypassing (using spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing your own unresolved emotional issues).

It can be very tempting to go on a three-day course and then begin selling it the following Monday, yet not completely submerging yourself in the discipline that you are trying to demonstrate.

Mediumship is a prime example of this.  Out of all the practices I have studied, I have never got in the way of “myself” as much as with mediumship.  There are no tools, guides, or que cards with mediumship when you are in the moment.  It is you, and your link to your spiritual team.  If you do not have the utmost faith in the afterlife, in your spirit guide messages and your trust in your own ability, you might as well walk away from it. 

The healing that comes from mediumship is real indeed, in my own personal life it has made me look at everything from what I eat to what my morning routine is to the actual person that I am.  I haven’t even scratched the surface of getting out of my own way and I have been developing for seven years. 

I will be talking about my healing journey a bit more in future posts but for now I feel my message today is for anyone that is new (or old) to spiritualism and is keen to learn and absorb as much as possible and not only that, to teach it or maybe read for others.

Don’t ever let the light and motivation to keep going dwindle, do keep chasing your dreams and living your true purpose.  But do be mindful that you may feel like you have all the answers and then the following week, you may be slapped in the face with the shock that you knew nothing.  That is okay, it’s part of the journey.  But you must be enlightened enough to appreciate you may not be ready to teach just yet.  You may still be at the very bottom of the mountain.  You just have to have that willingness to climb and understand that the journey may not be smooth (but will be worth it).

Authenticity begins with us being honest with ourselves and where we are on our journey. It is about having patience and resilience for the climb ahead. It is about doing something because we love it from our core and not because it will bring us fortune.

What I have found on my own journey is that no one opinion or teaching is actually right, it is always subject to change based on your unique inward experience.

Afterall, that is what true spirituality is.  It is you being guided by you, listening to the voice inside your mind and heart and doing what you feel is right, accepting when you are wrong and not rushing a process, for it can never ever be completed fully, not in this lifetime anyway.

Until next time,


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Clairvoyance & Beyond

Often, when we think about communicating with our spirit guides or loved ones who have passed into spirit, we feel they must be outside of ourselves.  It certainly looks that way when Mediums are giving us the messages, it is as if a spirit is whispering information into their ears.

Once I started practicing mediumship myself, I began to understand that its not as clear cut as that.  When you communicate with energy, its an invisible language that can only really be “felt” or “visualized” and it is not outside of you, it IS within all that you are.

The professional term for clear seeing is Clairvoyance.  Sadly, the title Clairvoyant gets mixed responses, from a Magician to a cold reader who is scamming people for money.  When you do have the ability to see visions you understand that Clairvoyance, like all the other Clair abilities is very real indeed.

In this week’s blog I want to discuss the different Clairs in more detail and with my own personal examples of using them when connecting to spirit.

As you develop your skillset as a psychic, you will begin to understand which clair sense works best for you.  Like everything in life, some are better at seeing or feeling, whilst others are good at hearing information or even tasting/smelling it. 

Clairvoyance – Clear Seeing

We use this clair to “see’ our messages from spirit.  Some lucky psychic mediums see spirits outside of their mind, so a standing, fully materialized being.  This is rare.  Most of us see within our minds eye.  Like a daydream occurring in your mind, you will see a person and then some details, a symbol, object or you will even see a word written.  This is probably the most popular form of clair. 

My example; I use this clair a lot, in fact it’s one of my strongest.  I see people or words in my mind and I can describe them to my client, I am also drawn to objects around me when reading for people, for example I will suddenly see my clock, or a word on a poster, or a dog outside and tell my client what I see and why its relevant, and it will make sense to them.

Clairaudience – Clear Hearing

We use this clair to either hear a spirit or guide talking to us outside of our mind (this is rare, but it happens, I have had this experience twice before) but mostly we “hear’ the words being said in our mind, almost like a memory of someone speaking, sometimes in accents or in the tone of voice the person would have used.

My example; As I child, as I fell asleep, I used to hear conversation in my mind, like I was tuning into a radio station, it would be people with different accents or even languages, in mid-conversation, outside of me yet within my mind.

Claircognizance – Clear Knowing

My very favorite clair, this is the one I use mostly in my practice and when in full flow, it’s what every psychic medium wishes to get too because the words will spill out of your mouth without you even knowing why or how!  You just “know” what you are saying will come to pass, or you can talk to someone about their life and just “know” the information about them.

My example; When my grandfather died in 2005, I already knew the exact date of his passing, six months before his death.  A few weeks before he died, my mum was struggling to get him home to care for him during his final days.  I remember suddenly being overcome with a certainty and strong knowing feeling.  I took my mum to one side and said confidently; “You will get him home for two nights exactly before he passes”….of course this was absolutely correct.  This was a psychic insight using claircognizance.

Clairempathy – Clear Feeling Emotion

Most empaths are walking around with this clair fully engaged and not even realizing it!  This is where we can “feel’ how others are feeling on a deep emotional level, whether that is sadness, anger or great joy.  Have you ever been in a stadium full of excited fans/supporters that are united together and felt a tremendous, overwhelming feeling of complete unity, excitement and positivity?

My example; Before I was actively working as a psychic, I had an office job.  I was in a challenging meeting and once it was over, I had an overwhelming feeling that I was about to burst into tears.  The strange thing was, that it was a feeling I knew did not belong to me, it wasn’t linked to my own emotions.  I was feeling strong and confident, not sad at all.  I turned around and saw that my colleague was sobbing, I had picked up on her emotions and felt like I needed to join in (I didn’t!) but it was remarkable how I literally felt her emotions outside of myself, that is clairempathy!

Clairsentience – Clear Feeling Physical

Like clairempathy, clairsentience is a feeling clair however it is feeling a physical sensation within your body that would have related to someone else.  Have you ever seen someone hit their kneecap and your hand instantly covers your own knee as you somehow “feel” their pain?

My example; Whilst giving a mediumship reading to a client, I connected to her old school friend who died as a teenager.  The spirit friend gave an impression on me of how she died, and suddenly, the room began to spin like I had been drinking alcohol and I felt vomit rise into my throat, even though I knew I wasn’t going to be sick, I was given the sensation, I reported to my client and she confirmed that her friend died from choking on her vomit after drinking too much.  This is a sad yet very powerful example of clairempathy.

Clairgustance – Clear Tasting

This isn’t one of the most common clair’s, but it is very powerful once it comes in!  It basically means you can suddenly taste something that you recognize that in turn triggers a memory, which you can then relay back to your client.  Pretty impressive eh?

My example; I was giving a tarot reading to a client when suddenly, from out of nowhere, I had a flash back memory of me sitting in a holiday apartment in Portugal eating a very distinctive tasting foreign biscuit (I was generally shocked at how this taste memory was accessed and can honestly say that without it I would never have even remembered such a time).  I asked my client if she had a friend who owned a holiday home in Portugal, as she will soon be holidaying there, and my client confirmed.

Clairalience – Clear Smelling

I find that this clair is the one that people who do not even feel they have psychic ability can claim to experience, especially after someone they loves dies.  Have you ever smelt tobacco smoke or flowers in a room whist there is nothing physically happening to produce that smell?

My example; Once giving a reading to a client, we BOTH smelt bread baking which was in relation to my client’s dad, who loved to bake.  He allowed us both to enjoy some clairalience, it was pretty amazing I have to say!

Clairtangency – Clear Touch

Clairtangency is the ability to receive information through physically touching an object, person, animal or structure.  This ability is also known as psychometry.

My example; I often find that having a photo or piece of jewellery from a person that is no longer with us, really does help me to connect to their energy in a way that is easier than just formulating a link with them.  Our energy leaves a residue on many things, therefore it’s important to cleanse when we can, especially after doing any spiritual energy work!

Think of these senses as PRIMARY senses, not “extra” sensory perception.  They were always there first, we are born with them, they are part of who we are as spirits and as humans.

Until next time,


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Ageing In Spirit

The more I do this work, the more I believe that we can be whatever human age we desire to be once we cross over into the spirit world.  I believe this because “age” is a human, physical construct.  Everything ages and decays (entropy) within the laws of our Universe, and (possibly) because of this we have a process of “time” based on patterns of the Earth’s rotation around the sun and the changing seasons.  With this, we grow and age toward death.

If you think about leaving this physical world and becoming pure energy, age, space and time then may become completely irrelevant. 

That said, people who die and become pure spirits, do have the ability to manifest back into a physical form within this dimension, otherwise how else would we recognise them? (I have seen “ghosts” that are as solid as you and I).

The reason why I believe spirits grow up or take on a different age form in spirit is because I have seen it whilst practicing mediumship.

Last week I attended a workshop which gave me some good practice with people I do not know anything about.

One of the tasks was for the readers to sit with a blind fold over their eyes so they would not know who was sitting in front of them.  To communicate, the sitter would have to tap on the readers knee, once for a “yes”, twice for a “no” and three times for “I do not understand”.  There was to be no spoken communication between sitter and reader, ensuring the sitter relied purely on their spiritual link and just gave out the evidence they were receiving. 

When it was my turn to sit, I was nervous but also a little excited as I had never done this before.

As I sat staring into the darkness of my blindfold, I searched for someone in spirit to come forward.  I was aware of an older lady, a tiny and thin looking woman who wanted to connect to the person that would be sitting in front of me.

When I got the tap to say my sitter was there and I was ok to start, before I even opened my mouth, in my mind’s eye I saw a man on his motorbike race around a corner on a country lane and come off, killing him instantly.  I knew he needed to speak before the older woman.

I blurted out “can you take a man in spirit who died on his motorbike?” and then received a reassuring one tap on the knee.  I was taken a back, I had never had a link come in so fast.

I decided to ask the guy to show himself a bit more to me.  I saw him stand up tall, in his full leathers and take off his helmet.  He had broad shoulders, he looked around thirty-five and had stubble on his chin and very short hair or a balding head.

I knew from his broad shoulders that he was a dependable man.  He felt like a family man, a gentle nature, the type of man that was loyal to friends and family, he could be relied upon.

I spent some time talking about him and once the reading was over and I took off my blind fold, my sitter gave me some feedback.

She was incredibly grateful as this chap had never come through before to a medium.  She told me he was her first boyfriend, who died when they were teenagers.  He was riding his motorbike on a country road and came off at speed, hitting a tree and dying instantly.

As much as I was thrilled that my sitter could take this lovely chap, I was perplexed. I had seen him as thirty-something man, not a teenager.  Had I put this image to him?  No, I hadn’t, he was too clear in my mind’s eye. 

I’m so sure that he showed me the man he would have grown into if he had the chance on Earth, after all, we are always the same person, even though we can change and evolve throughout our human journey.

This young man would have grown into a tall strapping one, he probably would have had a family and would have been all those things that I was picking up on.  Because that was the essence of who he was, regardless of if he made it any longer on this Earth, because his spirit is still around, he hasn’t ceased to carry on.

I feel this is a good point to think about.  When you were born, even though you were a vulnerable, innocent child, you were always YOU.  Your spirit has always been, is always here and will not go anywhere.  The true essence of your soul is eternal. 

When we die, yes, we leave this physical shell of a body, but our spirit still exists and it can manifest exactly how it wants to, be it a human, or a butterfly or a bird.  That is the power of energy and the power of the spirit.

Until next time,


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